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What success is?

I am almost 34 years old, pregnant with my second child and after working hard almost 16 years I am still not sure what success is; is it having money, is it having a career or the power?

Let me tell you a true story... I got married in my early 20S when I was still in college and at that time I thought that this is the real success, finding THE ONE, but after realising that I wasn't happy, the next success was to be free, even though in the society isn't it the most successful thing to get a divorce. I went again to college and this time I succeeded, I was proud of myself and felt independent , strong and more alive than ever. The time went by and I wanted to evolve, to get myself a better job, to be better paid and for me the success changed again, so I found myself moving out in Paris(true story guys), alone, knowing nobody and having all the fears in the world. By the time I was 29, after three years of living in Paris, I met the most charming, smart and generous guy that later on became my husband.

Now, you probably wonder yourself what this has to do with success?

What I wanted to say is that success is different for each person, we are all unique humans and it's totally fine to be like this. The society it's putting so much pressure on us, since we are little kids and we just forget to be ourselves, to be natural and not to care so much about someone else opinion.

And what if we are not all doctors, or engineers, what if we are not all great at school, what if we listen to rock music instead of opera, what if we wanna travel all our life instead of buying a property, what if we wanna do our own mistakes to experience this life? It is totally fine if we are not fitting in the perfect photo of society, I think the most important is to be happy, is to do things that make you a better person, that allowed you to evolve in your way, that you feel free every day and that you enjoy your life at your best.

So yes, in the end I wanted to tell you that at 34 I feel successful, not because I have a great career, but because I found my balance with myself, I learned to love myself and that I am important as well and I deserve love, respect and appreciation from the people around me.

This is my success , what is yours?

Ana T.

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